School Promotions

It is with great pleasure that I announce the successful promotion of Dr Stefan Bode and Dr Luke Smillie to the rank of Associate Professor within the School.

This is a huge achievement for them both, and recognises the excellent, ongoing contributions they make to the research and teaching profile of the School and the University more broadly.

Stefan’s application was commended by the Promotions panel for its strong research contribution and rising publication trajectory. Luke’s application was noted to epitomise the academic ‘all-rounder’, strong across all domains. Both already hold significant leadership roles in the School - Luke as Fourth Year Convenor, and Stefan as Director of the Decision Science Hub, and I would like to thank them both for these important contributions to the School.

Please join me in warmly congratulating Luke and Stefan on their success, or better still, come and join us for a drink and some finger food later today at the School’s Xmas party, as we celebrate the many staff and student successes over the past year.

Best regards


Sarah J Wilson

Professor & Head

Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences