Throughout 2021 and 2022, we are celebrating the central role that psychology plays in every major conversation in our society. We will be running a series of events featuring our experts, collaborators and our colleagues in industry.

PsychTalks is the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences' forum for ideas and discussion. We will explore contemporary and engaging topics through community-focused panel sessions, podcasts and forums across a range of disciplines, encouraging constructive debate on issues of regional and global relevance. Join us at an event or catch up with a recording.

Alongside our events will be a podcast series where we speak to experts on a range of topics including Big Data, misinformation, fear-based advertising and mindfulness, among others.

Using the hashtag #75mspsuom, we invite you to share your experience of 75 years of the Melbourne School Psychological Sciences and your thoughts on the role psychology will play in the future.

Thursday 1 September 2022
MSPS Showcase Series
Understanding and advancing the treatment of mental and neurological disorders

Through a series of 12 short presentations, the Brain and Mental Health Hub's showcase event takes a journey through the breadth of research carried out by the Hub. Exploring themes of neuroscience and neurobiology, clinical science, basic and experimental science, and social media, each talk will cover a unique research area and methodological approach. This will be rounded out by a panel discussion and opportunity for Q&A.

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Past event: 31 May 2022
Protecting the environment from the tobacco industry

Join the Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change for this World No Tobacco Day event. Following the World Health Organization's theme for 2022, we'll hear how every stage of the tobacco cycle – from cultivation to consumer waste – is damaging to the environment, how supposedly ʻcleaner’ products (such as electronic cigarettes) present a new threat, and how the tobacco industry uses environmental concerns to distract from the damage it causes. Objectives for public health policy and approaches to tobacco control practice will also be discussed.

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Past event: 13 May 2022
MSPS Showcase Series
How to do good and live well: Understanding human behaviour and misbehaviour.

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, the Ethics and Well-being Hub presented their showcase event, How to do good and live well: Understanding human behaviour and misbehaviour.

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Past event: 28 April 2022
MSPS Showcase Series
Exploring the link between the brain and mind: the past, present and future

The Decision Science Hub reflects on the monumental advancements in our understanding of the relationship between the brain and mind through the lens of cognitive neuroscience and decision science.

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Past event: 11 April 2022
MSPS Showcase Series
Climate anxiety and the personal impact of a burning planet

Human life stands at a precipice: We cannot go back to previous ways of being -  not completely - nor can we continue to live the way we are living. Join moderator Jacinta Parsons (ABC Radio) and a panel of experts for an exploration of the ways in which contemplative practices can help us to manage the emotional toll of climate change.

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Past event: March 28 2022
MSPS Showcase Series
Big Data: The good, the bad and the ugly

In the psychological sciences, big data is just starting to gain traction. Our panelists will discuss how big data is being used to understanding beliefs, attitudes and cognitions, as well as the ethical dilemmas that this work entails.

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Past event: November 2021
MDHS Alumni Hour 

Dr Michelle Blanchard  is an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and a Special Adviser at the National Mental Health Commission. Be inspired by Michelle's own story and learn about her quest to eliminate mental health stigma and discrimination in Australia.

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Past event: October 2021
PsychTalks: Cancer and COVID-19 – the psychological impact

People living with cancer are a particularly vulnerable subgroup during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the nature of their disease and treatments they receive which compromise their immune system. 
PsychTalks panel discussion facilitated by Paul Barclay for Big Ideas

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Past event: September 2021

PsychTalks: The battle against stigma in Australia, Canada, and the UK

Understanding and responding to stigma about mental ill-health is a critical global challenge. 
PsychTalks panel discussion facilitated by Dr Chris Groot

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