MSPS Student Successes at the Inaugural MDHS Graduate Research Conference

Congratulations to our students who have won conference prizes in the MDHS Graduate Student conference in the Psychological Science stream, and again, a huge thanks to GRiPS for their tremendous support of the conference.

The inaugural Virtual MDHS Graduate Research Conference took place in early December, with the purpose of providing an opportunity for our Graduate Researchers to present their work, collaborate, network and bond. It has been a very challenging year for our PhD cohort, so opportunities for collaborations and social cohesion are incredibly important. The Conference provided the opportunity to listen to national  and  international  leaders  talking  about  their  ground-breaking  research  indifferent  biomedical  fields  and  communicate  their  research  to  a  broad  scientific audience.

The organising Committee consisted of several student societies across the MDHS faculty (including very strong contributions from our very own GRiPS team) working together towards one aim – organising a fantastic day for graduate students full of opportunities to present and discuss their work, find new collaborations and expand their network.

Psychological Science Success:

Young Investigator Award

1st - Elektra Schubert

2nd – Matthew Jiwa

3rd – Morgan Weaving