New mental health podcast shines a light on stigma and discrimination

A new six-part podcast has been launched in partnership with the University of Melbourne and national complex mental health organisation SANE, highlighting how stigma affects people living with complex mental health conditions.

PhD candidate from the University of Melbourne’s School of Psychological Sciences, Elise Carrotte, hosts the co-designed podcast and developed the idea as part of her PhD thesis.

Each episode of the On the Same Wavelength podcast focuses on a SANE Peer Ambassador, who shares their lived experience of complex mental health issues – including schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and trauma.

Carrotte said the podcast aims to raise awareness, but is also intended to bring about a change in attitudes and understanding.

“We know that thousands of Australians listen to podcasts every day, and mental health themed podcasts can play an important role in learning about mental health. Connecting with someone’s story helps us to understand what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes,” Carrotte said.

“Each episode delves into honest and at times confronting territory – with topics including supporting a loved one who may be supporting someone with complex mental health issues, mentally healthy workplaces, and gaps in the mental health system in Australia.

“But it also celebrates the progress we’ve made in this space. I hope the podcast will bring about positive change, too.”

The production of On the Same Wavelength was co-designed with its target audience, an approach that ensured the content was relevant, useful and sensitive to the those with lived experience.

Through this process, Carrotte worked with people with lived experience, media and communications professionals, healthcare professionals, and others to design the podcast’s focus, storyboards, and messaging.

The co-design results were recently published in the Communication Studies journal and JMIR Formative Research journal.

Episodes focus on how we can improve outcomes for people with lived experience of complex mental health conditions, exploring a range of areas, including:

  1. Relationships and communities
  2. High schools and universities
  3. Media portrayals
  4. Healthcare training
  5. Workplaces
  6. Mental healthcare.

The podcast will be officially launched at an event on Thursday July 20, 2023 at SANE’s DAX Centre.

Listen to the trailer and first two episodes of the podcast on Omny, or your preferred podcast app.

About On the Same Wavelength

The podcast is part of an ongoing PhD study that is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences and SANE, with the support of the Paul Ramsay Foundation.

About SANE

SANE is the leading national mental health organisation for people with persistent, recurring or complex mental health issues and trauma. It providesa range of free digital and telehealth services to support them and their families. Led by the voices of its community, SANE drives change to improve the lives of those living with complex mental health issues and end stigma and discrimination. Find out more at:

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