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Welcome to 'Breaking the Silence: Unveiling the Loneliness Stigma.' We are delighted you could join us. As we prepare to share the event recording, please explore the following resources. These valuable assets can empower you and your community to combat loneliness effectively.

This impactful PsychTalks event has been fostered through a collaborative effort involving the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, Friends for Good, Contemplative Studies Centre and Meaningful Ageing Australia.

Access the Social Mapping Tool

Community and organisation resources

  • The Friendship Bench Model | Explore:Friendship Bench Zimbabwe
    The Friendship Bench is not just about someone sitting on a bench; it's the result of 25 years of meticulous community research. Developed with insights from psychiatrists, psychologists, professors, project coordinators, and more, this model offers structured components. Our approach is tailored to each unique community, ensuring sustainable, impactful community engagement.
  • The Friendly Bench Movement | Discover: Friendly Bench Movement 
    Originating in the Netherlands and gaining traction in the UK, the Friendly Bench Movement is a novel approach to tackle loneliness. Consider supporting this movement through fundraising, setting up benches at your event venue, and providing discussion starters like our SeeMeKnowMe questions or RE-CONNECT cards.
  • The Living Library | Learn more: Human Library Concept
    The Living Library offers unique perspectives by allowing you to "borrow" individuals and hear their life stories. Born in Denmark, this concept challenges prejudices and promotes empathy. Consider implementing this concept to foster understanding in diverse communities.
  • Healthy End of Life Program (HELP) | Discover: Healthy End of Life Program
    Alongside our social connection tools, we introduce HELP – a program aimed at increasing networks for individuals who prefer to stay home after a palliative care diagnosis. Volunteers join a person's 'care team,' fostering a collaborative end-of-life culture that addresses health and social needs.
  • Multicultural Minds | Explore: Multicultural Minds
    Multicultural Minds is a platform dedicated to multicultural mental health awareness. Our mission includes decolonising mental health services, raising mental health literacy, and amplifying diverse experiences.
  • Friends for Good | Explore: Resources for Organisations
    Information for organisations working with people experiencing loneliness or social isolation.

Individual resources

  • Paying it Forward | Anybody can do this
    Consider one way that you might reach out to someone who may be feeling isolated, or how you might try to break down barriers in your community. This simple act can make a significant difference. Aim to do this once every two months.
  • FriendLine | Connect: FriendLine
    FriendLine offers anonymous conversations and friendly chats for anyone seeking reconnection. Our volunteers are ready to share stories and engage in meaningful discussions.
  • Friends for Good | Explore: Friends for Good Resources
    Discover a variety of suggestions from researchers and individuals who have battled loneliness. Find solutions that resonate with you and your unique circumstances. Additionally, avail one-on-one counselling sessions via Telehealth.
  • University of Melbourne Psychology Clinic | Learn more: Psychology Clinic
    The University of Melbourne Psychology Clinic offers comprehensive psychology services, including clinical psychology and educational psychology. Our clinic serves as a training ground for postgraduate psychology trainees under senior staff supervision.


  • Enhancing Australia's social connectedness and emotional wellbeing | Learn about: Enhancing Australia's Social Connectedness
    This project redefines social connections' impact on wellbeing and develops evidence-based interventions to enhance emotional skills. Our goal is to foster social and emotional growth through precise understanding.
  • Australia is afraid to admit it’s lonely | Explore: Australia is afraid to admit it’s lonely
    Nature has partnered with Friends for Good and Pureprofile to reveal Australia’s hidden suffering with isolation.
  • Social Connection Tool | Learn more: Social Identity Mapping and Social Mapping Tool
    Discover the Social Identity Mapping (SIM) tool, designed by the SIGN team. Visualise and analyse your social group connections, understanding their impact on your life, emotions, and wellbeing.


  • Meaningful Ageing Australia | Visit: Meaningful Ageing Australia
    Championing emotional wellbeing in older individuals, Meaningful Ageing Australia ensures lives are filled with meaning, hope, and connection through spiritual care.
  • Friends for Good | Explore: Friends for Good
    Friends for Good, a volunteer-driven organisation, combats loneliness by raising awareness and fostering connections within communities.
  • Emily Unity | Discover: Emily Unity
    Emily Unity, a mental health professional, software engineer, and creative designer, strives to break down systemic barriers, focusing on diverse identities.
  • Contemplative Studies Centre | Learn more: Contemplative Studies Centre
    Engage with the Centre's programs, which facilitate discussions, exchange of ideas, and guided meditation sessions from various traditions.
  • Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences | Explore: Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences
    Acknowledged globally, the School excels in research, teaching, and public engagement. Embrace our commitment to excellence and community wellbeing.

For urgent assistance, call 000 for emergency services. If you need immediate support, reach out to Lifeline Australia at 13 11 14 (