Lab Facilities

Photo of lab space

Lab Space

The Clinical and Music Neuroscience Lab is located in Room 825 of the Redmond Barry Building (Parkville Campus).  The space provides a comfortable environment for staff and students to work and collaborate.  It consists of hot desks with computing facilities, amenities for secure data storage and a private testing room.  It also houses specialised auditory and sound engineering equipment that are freely available for lab members to loan.

Photo of anechoic chamber

Anechoic Chamber

The Clinical and Music Neuroscience Lab manages an anechoic chamber (Room 826-827, Redmond Barry Building) for auditory experiments and sound-recording projects that require minimal background noise.  Researchers from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences are welcome to use this facility.  All users must complete an Occupational Health and Safety induction prior to booking the room.