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Elise Kalokerinos

This MSPS Colloquium was presented by the three winners of the 2022 MSPS Postgraduate Student Research Excellence Awards: Maya Schenker, Jason Zhou and Emma Austen.

Speaker: Maya Schenker
Sleep and trauma - bi-directional relationship and underlying mechanisms
Bio: Maya is a 4th year PhD student at the John Trinder Sleep Laboratory. Her research focuses on how objective and subjective sleep are associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), including underlying mechanisms and in day-to-day life.

Speaker: Emma Austen
Weight stigma in sexual minority men: A case for intersectional approaches to examining disparities in body image and mental health
Bio: Emma is a PhD candidate in the Physical Appearance Research Team. Her research focusses on unique considerations for weight stigma among sexual minority men, including how gender norms and intersecting societal pressures might shape men’s negative attitudes about particular body weights and/or shapes.

Speaker: Jason Zhou
A circular diffusion model of source memory
Bio: Jason is in the fourth year of his PhD candidature, supervised by Philip Smith in the Vision & Attention Lab and co-supervised by Adam Osth in the Computational Memory Lab. With a foot in the Decision Science Hub and the other in the Complex Human Data Hub, he sees his work as sitting on the intersection of memory and decision-making. In this talk, he will present a model of decision-making applied to source memory, which are judgments about the origins of the memories we have.

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