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Research Overview

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Respiratory and cardiovascular aspects of sleep in the context of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (including role of lung volume, arousal from sleep, OSA in Quadriplegia, treatment using acupuncture and surgical weight loss, and upper airway physiology).
The effects of alcohol on sleep and memory in adolescence
Developmental changes in sleep, affect and cardiovascular function during  adolescence
Sleep in women
Sleep and addiction
Can classically conditioned responses be elicited during sleep?
Sleep disruption and negative memory bias


Professor Ian  Colrain
Dr Christian L Nicholas
Dr Amy S Jordan


Harvard Medical School

SRI International

Research Publications

  • Calcagni SC, Bei B, Milgrom J, Trinder J. (In Press). The relationship between sleep and mood in first-time and experienced mothers. Behavioral Sleep Medicine.
  • O'Dricoll DM, Horne RSC, Davey MJ, Hope SA, Anderson V, Trinder J, Walker AM, Nixon GM. (In Press). Cardiac and sympathetic activation are reduced in children with down syndrome and sleep disordered breathing. Sleep (accepted May, 2012).
  • Biggs SN, Walter L, Nisbet L, Jackman AR, Anderson V, Nixon GM, Davey MJ, Trinder J, Hoffman R, Armitage R, Horne RSC. (In Press). Time course of EEG slow-wave activity in pre-school children with sleep disordered breathing. A possible mechanism for daytime deficits? Sleep Medicine, (Accepted May, 2012).
  • Bei B, Coo Calcagni S, Milgrom J, Trinder J. (In Press). Day-to-day alteration of 24-hour sleep pattern immediately before and after giving birth. Sleep and Biological Rhythms, (Accepted April, 2012).
  • Bei B, Byrne ML, Ivens C, Waloszek J, Woods MJ, Dudgeon P, Murray G, Nicholas CL, Trinder J, Allen NB. (In Press). Pilot study of a mindfulness-based,, multicomponent, in-school, group, sleep intervention in adolescent girls. Early Intervention in Psychiatry, (Accepted April, 2012).
  • Goff EA, Nicholas CL, Kleiman J, Spear O, Morrell MJ, Trinder J. (In Press). The effect of flow limitation on the cardio-respiratory response to arousal from sleep in healthy older adults. Journal of Sleep Research, (accepted March, 2012).
  • Walter LM, Nixon GM, Davey MJ, Anderson V, Trinder J, Walker A, Horne RSC. (In Press). Differential effects of sleep disordered breathing on polysomnographic characteristics in preschool and school aged children. Sleep Medicine, (accepted March, 2012)
  • Baker FC, Sassoon S, Kahan T, Palaniappan L, Nicholas CL, Trinder J, Colrain I. (In Press). Perceived poor sleep quality in the absence of polysomnographic sleep disturbance in women with severe premenstrual syndrome. Journal of Sleep Research, (Accepted January, 30th., 2012).
  • Jackman AR, Biggs SN, Walter LM, Embuldeniya US, Davey MJ, Nixon GM, Anderson V, Trinder J, Horne RSC. (In Press).Sleep-disordered breathing in preschool children is associated with behavioral but not cognitive impairments. Sleep Medicine, (Accepted January 30, 2012).
  • Nicholas CL, Jordan AS, Heckel L, Worsnop C, Bei B, Saboisky JP, Eckert DJ, White DP, Malhotra A, Trinder J.  Discharge patterns of human tensor palatini motor units during sleep onset. Sleep 2012; 35: 699-707.
  • Saboisky JP, Stashuk DW, Hamilton-Wright A, Carusona AL, Campana LM, Trinder J, Eckert DJ, Jordan AS, McSharry DG, White DP, Nandedkar S, David WS. Malhotra A. (In Press). Neurogenic changes in the upper airway of Obstructive Sleep Apnea patients. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine (Accepted November, 2011).
  • Horne RSC, Yang JSC, Nicholas CL, Nixon GM, Davey MJ, Anderson V, Walker AM, Trinder J. (In Press). EEG spectral analysis of respiratory event termination in children. Sleep and Breathing, (Accepted April, 2011).
  • Bourke R, Anderson V, Yang JSC, Jackman AR, Killedar A, Nixon GM, Davey MJ, Walker AM, Trinder J, Horne RSC.  Author response to dehydration during sleep affects cognitive performance. Sleep Medicine 2012;13: 118-119.
  • Trinder J, Waloszek JM, Woods MJ,  Jordan AS.  Sleep and cardiovascular regulation. Pflugers Archiv – European Journal of Physiology 2012; 463: 161-168.

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