Honouring Professor Emeritus John Trinder: The John Trinder Sleep Laboratory

The Sleep Laboratory has been renamed the John Trinder Sleep Laboratory in honour of Professor Emeritus John Trinder and recognition of his contribution to the discipline.

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The Sleep Laboratory at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences (MSPS) conducts a variety of sleep-related research including the effects of poor sleep on mental health and cognition, as well as research to better understand the causes for sleep disorders. Professor Emeritus John Trinder established the Sleep Laboratory in 1987 and directed it until his retirement in 2015.

Professor Trinder’s research work dramatically advanced the field of sleep medicine. During his career, he has published more than 200 scholarly articles on various aspects of sleep. His research included topics around the function of sleep, the role of sleep in sudden infant death syndrome, sleep and stress in adolescents, fatigue and sleepiness in airline cabin crew, the causes and consequences of obstructive sleep apnea, sleep and addiction, sleep and mental health and an exploration into cardio-respiratory changes that accompany sleep. In 2012, he was awarded the Australasian Sleep Associations Distinguished Achievement Award for his exceptional achievements in the fields of sleep health and sleep science. The fact that he had continuous funding from the NHMRC and ARC for 20 years prior to his retirement was a remarkable recognition of his research prowess.

In addition to these research contributions, Professor Trinder contributed to undergraduate and post-graduate teaching at the University of Melbourne for 25 years, training more than 40 PhD/Masters students and over 100 honours students. He served as the Head of the School of Psychological Sciences from 1999 to 2002. Professor Trinder has also served as President of the Australasian Sleep Association and was Editor in Chief of two prestigious sleep journals; Sleep, and the Journal of Sleep Research.

The John Trinder Sleep Laboratory director Professor Amy Jordan says, “I’m delighted the lab has been renamed in John’s honour. In addition to being a wonderful researcher and educator, he has been an incredibly supportive mentor to all of his students and staff. We look forward to continuing the important work John has initiated and inspired”

There was an online event to mark the renaming of the Sleep Laboratory on Thursday 12 August. Speakers included Professor Rob Hester, Head of School, MSPS, Professor Amy Jordan, Director of the Sleep Laboratory, Deputy Head of School, MSPS, Dr David White M.D, Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Professor Ian Colrain, Honorary, MSPS, President of SRI Biosciences and Emeritus Professor Doug McEvoy, Academic Status & Web Supervisor, College of Medicine and Public Health, Flinders University.

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