Melbourne Psychology and Ageing is a collaboration between the  Department of Psychiatry Academic Unit for Psychiatry of Old Age (AUPOA) and the Melbourne School of Psychological Science (MSPS). The team is co-led by A/Professor Kathryn Ellis (Deputy Director of AUPOA) and A/Professor Christina Bryant (Director of the MSPS Clinical Psychology Program). Our research draws on a biopsychosocial framework and considers mental health and wellbeing in the context of age-related physical, medical and cognitive conditions. Our team also examines how concerns about age-related decline, and negative attitudes to ageing, can influence wellbeing in older adults.

Melbourne Psychology and Ageing aims to provide an enriched intellectual environment for students interested in ageing research across the Faculty of Medicine Dentistry and Health Sciences (MDHS), by providing increased opportunities for co-supervision and through a programme of co-hosted seminars, journal clubs and colloquia. Through our work we aim to contribute to a cultural shift that recognises that older age is not synonymous with lack of wellbeing or disease, and highlights the role that psychological research can play in supporting older adults to lead a rich and fulfilling life.