Join the Lab

If our research interests you, don’t be afraid to reach out and see if you might join our lab. We are always looking for colleagues with similar interests, and students who want to gain more experience in these topics.

Twice a year, we recruit research interns to gain more experience in conducting research. Typically, there are only a small number of these positions, and we preference students with at least third or fourth year training in psychology or related fields. If you are interested, please send a recent CV and transcript to the Evolution Lab Director, Dr Khandis Blake (

If you are interested in completing a PhD in the Evolution Lab, please send a recent CV, transcript and writing sample to the Evolution Lab Director, Dr Khandis Blake. Also ensure you let Dr Blake know what your research interests are.

Current Members

  • Dr Khandis Blake
    Dr Khandis Blake

    Director of Lab

    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    +61 3 9035 5733

  • Sylvia Harmon-Jones

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow

    Economic inequality, romantic and childhood attachment, early life adversity, and development

  • Auguste Harrington

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow


  • Jacob Kuek

    Laboratory Manager

  • Lindsie Arthur

    PhD Candidate

    Hormonal contraceptives, menstrual cycle, female competitiveness, status seeking, mating behaviour.

  • Tomas Cartmill

    PhD Candidate

    Radical extremism, deradicalization, political ideology, emotions

  • Macken Murphy

    PhD Candidate

    Mating behaviour, mate value, inequality, infidelity

  • Wahidah Pan

    PhD Candidate

    Beauty, physical attractiveness, self-objectification, status seeking, status anxiety, feminism

  • Sulaman Sarwar

    Masters Student 2022

  • Mark Leak

    Honours Candidate 2023

    Intimate partner violence, attachment theory, romantic relationship dynamics, personality psychology, social psychologyy

  • Ash Neilson

    Honours Candidate 2023

    Masculinity, behaviour change implementation, emotional repression, heteronormativity, forensic psychology, personality dynamics

  • Sarah-Ann Moh

    Honours Candidate 2023

    Cross-cultural psychology

  • Kabir Manandhar Shrestha

    Research Data Specialist (MDAP)

    Natural language processing, machine learning, deep Learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data science, computer vision

  • Valerie Marinko

    Database Analyst

  • Robert Capp

    Research Intern

    evolutionary theory, intra-sexual competition

  • Lu Korth

    Research Intern

  • Michelle Li

    Research Intern

  • Claire Lin

    Research Intern

  • Meila Wong

    Research Intern

    Gender and sexuality norms

  • Alsa Wu

    Research Intern

    Interpersonal influences, menstrual cycle, sex hormones


Dr Gulnaz Anjum, Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan

Dr Tania Reynolds, The University of New Mexico

A/Prof Kathleen Casto, New College Florida

Professor Steven Gangestad, University of New Mexico

Professor Rob Brooks, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Professor Thomas Denson, University of New South Wales, Sydney

A/Prof Michael Kasumovic, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Dr Siobhan O’Dean, University of Sydney

Dr Stephen Whyte, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Barnaby Dixson, University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Isabel Krug, University of Melbourne

Dr Scott Griffiths, University of Melbourne

Professor Brock Bastian, University of Melbourne

Dr Julia Stern, University of Bremen

Dr Ruben Arslan, University of Leipzig