Current Members

  • Dr Khandis Blake

    Director of Lab

    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    +61 3 9035 5733

  • Francesca Luberti

    PhD Candidate - Sydney

    Socio-political attitudes, mating market, mating competition, mate value, sexuality

  • Dax Kellie

    PhD Candidate - Sydney

    Objectification, sexual double standards, evolution and patriarchy, open science

  • Tee Schofield, PhD

    Data Scientist

    Big data, statistics, website scraping

  • Lindsie Arthur

    PhD Candidate

    Menstrual cycle, sex hormones, wellbeing, applied psychology

  • Tomas Cartmill

    PhD Candidate

    Radical extremism, deradicalization, political ideology, emotions

  • Tessa Cowley

    Research Assistant

    Menstrual cycle, emotions, mind-body, trauma

  • Bruna Andrades

    Clinical Psychologist

    Domestic violence, marital interaction, attachment


  • Leo Mares

    Research Assistant

    Masculinity, radicalisation, class politics


  • Meg Trinder-McCartney

    Honours Candidate 2020

    Menstrual cycle, sex hormones, wellbeing

  • Sarah Zhang

    Honours Candidate 2020

    Income inequality, status anxiety, sexualization

  • Freya Satarawala

    Research Intern

    Female competition, methods

  • Alsa Wu

    Research Intern

    Interpersonal influences, menstrual cycle, sex hormones

  • Melody Ooi

    Research Intern

    Female competition, methods


Dr Gulnaz Anjum, Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan

Dr Tania Reynolds, The Kinsey Institute Indiana

Dr Kathleen Casto, New College Florida

Professor Steven Gangestad, University of New Mexico

Professor Rob Brooks, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Professor Thomas Denson, University of New South Wales, Sydney

A/Prof Michael Kasumovic, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Ms Siobhan O’Dean, University of New South Wales, Sydney

Dr Stephen Whyte, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Barnaby Dixson, The University of Queensland

Dr Isabel Krug, University of Melbourne

Dr Scott Griffiths, University of Melbourne

Professor Brock Bastian, University of Melbourne