Pedagogical Research

How can we help our students learn better? Are computer-based learning aids effective and, if so, which ones are the most effective? Can we design our own computer-based learning aids that are more effective still? How can we best help our students achieve their full potential?

As the Director of Teaching and Learning for the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, Piers has a professional interest in this area. Based in part on this research, we have recently won a University grant to overhaul the psychology major.

Selected Journal Articles

  • Howe, PDL, Lodge, JM, McKague, M (2018). A comparison of the effectiveness of two computer-based learning aids. Frontiers in Education, 3,51. [PDF]
  • PeerWise: Evaluating the effectiveness of a web-based learning aid in a second year psychology subject. Psychology Learning & Teaching, 17(2), 166-176. [PDF]