Graduate Students and Research Topics

Bronte Arns
The lived experience of a music therapy team in an autism specialist school: Key factors informing practice

Laura Bird
Representation of music functions in focal epilepsy and the neuroprotective effects of music training

Solange Eeltink Glasser-Sbieh
Synaesthesia, absolute pitch, and musical abilities.

Rebecca Fairchild
Collaborating with children experiencing homelessness and family violence to understand the resources that exist in their lives.

Lucy Forrest
Parents and music therapists’ reflections on the experience of music and music therapy for paediatric palliative care patients and their families, who come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Jason Kenner
Exploring relational competencies in music therapy group improvisation for people with borderline personality disorder.

Benjamin Leske
Exploring inclusion and exclusion in community choral singing.

Elizabeth McLean
Exploring parent’s musical engagment with their baby and parental identity across the Neonatal Unit journey.

Laura Medcalf
Examining therapeutic boundaries in contemporary music therapy practice.

Melissa Murphy
Linking in and grooving out: The role of music for young people living with disability transitioning from school.

Astrid Notarangleo
Creating a platform for inclusion, openness and cohesion: Dynamically exploring the use of music in ritual across various religious traditions in Bendigo using a group music process

Helen Oosthuizen
Understanding experiences of chaos in group music therapy for young offenders attending a short-term diversion programme in South Africa.

James Richmond
Drumming up harmony: How rhythmic synchronisation fosters prosocial behaviour.

Elly Scrine
Navigating discourses of violence, risk and hope: Music therapy as a space to explore gender and power with young people in high school

Tanya Silveira
Examining the effect of FES*+iPad-based music therapy on upper limb functioning and wellbeing outcomes for stroke survivors

Meg Steele
Supporting teachers to use music for classroom wellbeing through music therapy informed professional learning.

Anja Tanhane
How do contemporary authors describe the integration of mindfulness and music in Western approaches to therapeutic work?

Jo Wigley
Auditory rehabilitation with music training: A study of learning-dependent plasticity in people with hearing loss.

Valerie Yap
Vocal Emotion Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorder and the Broader Autism Phenotype