Moral Psychology Laboratory

Research Overview

The Melbourne Moral Psychology Laboratory does research on the psychology of morality. Broadly, we are interested in the social, cognitive and affective processes that underpin moral judgement, decision making and behaviour.


Professor Nick Haslam

Melissa Anne Wheeler, PhD Student

Research Publications

  • Koval P, Laham SM, Haslam N, Bastian B, Whelan JA.  Our flaws are more human than yours: Ingroup bias in humanizing negative characteristics. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 2012; 38: 283-295.
  • Laham SM. (in press; accepted June 2011). Ease of retrieval and the moral circle. Social Psychology
  • Bastian B, Laham SM, Wilson S, Haslam N, Koval P.  Moral dimensions of humanness: Blaming, praising and protecting our humanity. British Journal of Social Psychology 2011; 50: 469-483.
  • Laham SM, Lallje, M, Tam T, Hewstone M.  Respect for persons in the intergroup context: The mediating roles of intergroup emotions and self-other overlap. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations 2010; 13: 301-313.
  • Laham SM, Lalljee M, Chopra S,  Parkinson B.  Emotional and behavioural reactions to moral transgressions: Cross-cultural and individual variations in India and Britain. International Journal of Psychology 2010; 45: 64-71.
  • Laham SM, Alter AL, Goodwin G. Easy on the mind, easy on the wrongdoer: Discrepantly fluent violations are deemed less morally wrong. Cognition 2009; 112: 462-466.
  • Lalljee M, Tam T, Hewstone M, Laham SM, Lee, J.  Unconditional respect for persons and the prediction of intergroup action tendencies. European Journal of Social Psychology 2009; 39: 666-683.
  • Laham SM.  Expanding the moral circle: Inclusion and exclusion mindsets and the circle of moral regard. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 2009; 45: 250-253.

Research Projects

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Cognitive Psychology and Behavioural Neuroscience, Social and Personality Psychology

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For further information about this research, please contact Laboratory Director Dr Simon Laham

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Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

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Moral Psychology Laboratory

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