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Lab members & research interests

Jody Stanley, PhD Student

Jody Stanley

Research Interests: Visual Perception, Perceptual Rivalry and Psychopharmacology

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Rebekah Street, PhD Student

Bek Street

Research Interests: Psychopathology, Sensory processing and cognition

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Boki Milinkovic, PhD Student

Boki photo

Research Interests: Computational Neuroscience, Complex Systems, Information Theory & Consciousness Science

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Sally Meikle, PhD Student

Sally Meikle

Research interests: Psychedelics & Cognitive Neuroscience

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Gabriel Brandolini, PhD Student

Gabriel Brandolini

Research interests: Affective Neuroscience and Moral Philosophy

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Dr Tim O'Hare, Medical Doctor & PhD Student

Tim O'Hare

Research interests: Perceptions of medical professionals regarding the use of psychedelics

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Associated Research Fellows

Dr Jacob Paul

Research interests: Perception, Numerical cognition  & Cognitive Neuroscience

Links: Website,  email

Dr Toby Woods

Toby Woods

Research Interests: Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Mind, and Meditation.   To view a presentation of Toby's work click here.

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