Current Lab Members

Tam Dennis (PhD Student)

Associated / Visiting Academics & Students

Prof Cheng-Ta Yang (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)
A/Prof Ami Eidels (University of Newcastle)
Prof James Townsend (Indiana University)
Dr Mario Fific (Grand Valley State University)
A/Prof Joseph Houpt (Wright Valley State University)
A/Prof Chris Donkin (University of New South Wales)
Dr Peter Shepherdson (post-doc, University of Zurich)
Paul Garrett (visiting PhD student, University of Newcastle)

Former Lab Members

Post-docs/PhD Students

Dr Tony S. L. Wang (post-doctoral researcher)
Dr Shi Xian Liew (PhD student)
Dr Robert De Lisle (PhD student)
Dr Margaret Webb (PhD student)
Dr Geoff Saw (PhD student)
Dr Anthea Blunden (PhD student)

Honours Students

2018     Daryl Chen
2017     Cameron Boyle
2016     Dylan Hammond
2016     Deborah Lin
2016     Aspen Zhou
2015     Ariel Goh
2015     Marcellin Martinie
2014     Xue Jun Cheng
2014     Tammy Dennis
2014     Callum McCarthy
2014     Sarah Moneer
2013     Kaye Mullins (Jeff Pressing Prize – Best Honours Thesis)
2013     Camille Dean
2013     Amitoze Nandha
2013     Siok Yee Natalie See
2012     Anthea Blunden (Jeff Pressing Prize – Best Honours Thesis)
2012     Shi Xian Liew
2012     Margaret Webb
2011     Nicole Christie
2011     Nicole Le Roux

Research Assistants/Interns

Danièle Martinie
Deborah Lin
Grace Killmer
Sarah Moneer
Xue Jun Cheng
Franco Scalzo
Anthea Blunden
Charlotte Hudson
Robert De Lisle