Best Student Presentation at SAA2020.

We are offering a $500 prize for the best student presentation at the conference!

Please vote for your best student presentation via this link.

The Best Student Presentation and Student and Early Career Research Travel awards will be presented at the conference close, from 5.00pm on Friday the 17th of January 2020. Please join us then to congratulate these students and farewell the conference.

Student and Early Career Researcher Travel Awards

Our generous sponsors have provided funding to support international students or early career researchers to attend the Society for Ambulatory Assessment 2020 Conference in Melbourne, Australia!

Congratulations to all our award winners who are making significant contributions to the field of ambulatory assessment. We look forward to seeing each of their presentations at SAA 2020! 

  • The ilumivu student and early career researcher travel award - $1000 AUD
  • The Lifedata student and early career researcher travel award - $1000 AUD
  • SAA 2020 Conference student and early career researcher travel award - $1000 AUD
    • Award winners Shirlene Wang (University of Southern California)  and Jessie Sun (University of California, Davis)


You do the research. We take care of the technology.

You don’t need any programming skills to create your entire study in the mEMA platform. Create your own surveys, set up notification schedules, turn on and off phone sensors and integrate with wearable devices to collect physiological data. All in one platform. Then iterate freely - you are not locked in to anything - add more surveys, turn on different sensors, refine your questions, do whatever you need to deploy your study the way you want it. Our easy to use interface allows you to focus on the research while we take care of the technology.

Ilumivu provides mobile apps with integrated wearable devices for the quick and easy deployment of ecological momentary assessment and just-in-time intervention studies. We have supported hundreds of grant funded studies since 2009 and today provide the world’s most innovate mobile EMA platform. Whether you are just starting our with ecological momentary and ambulatory assessment or are a seasoned researcher in the field we can help run your next study on time and on budget without the need to hire a developer. Learn how here:


The LifeData experience sampling platform was created by researchers to meet a wide range of research needs. Our flexible, easy-to-use web application allows for simple or complex study designs, which can be quickly tested and launched. LifeData mobile apps for iOS and Android are natively built to provide the user experience expected by Android and iOS users. Our apps are popular with study participants, and enable them use their own devices, leading to high levels of participant engagement and study completion rates.

Since 2012, LifeData customers have gathered hundreds of millions of data points in over 25 countries.  Our customer list includes the world’s top academic institutions, research hospitals, and organizations running clinical trials.

At LifeData, we are thankful for the customers and relationships allowing us to contribute to a growing understanding of the world. We’re honored to continue this quest through our sponsorship of the 2020 SAA Conference. Visit us at to learn more about how we can help you with your next project.

We would also like to thank the following sponsors for their support of the conference!