Clinical Placements Update

Dear students and staff colleagues,

We are now working to resume placements that were temporarily suspended while continuing to support those students whose placment experience has not been disrupted.  We believe that the individual organisations are best placed to evaluate their specific situation, so we continue to work closely with our external partners to support students.  All decisions and planning is made with everyone’s health and well-being in mind (patients, staff and students).

Primary contacts:

MPsych(Clinical Psychology) students: David Spektor

MPsych(Clinical Neuropsychology) students: Angie Jackman

Last updated : 13 May 2020

Selective suspension of some clinical placements for a limited period

Student placements are an integral part of a clinical education and we are thankful that our strong relationship with our many healthcare partners, big and small, allow us to offer world-class education to 3,600 students via over 261,000 placement days.

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