Welcome to GRiPS: Graduate Researchers in Psychological Sciences!

GRiPS is run by dedicated student volunteers who aim to foster a supportive and collaborative research community in the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, and provide opportunities for students to develop skills as part of the PhD Process.

The 2023 committee is lead by:

  • President - Viola Pucci
  • Secretary - Abby Robinson
  • Treasurer - Yana Ryakhovskaya
  • Arielle Levy (Shut Up and Write Convenor)
  • Madeleine Connolly (Marketing and Media Officer)
  • Jie Sun (OH&S Representative)
  • Yana Ryakhovskaya (Mentorship Program Convenor)

General committee

  • Vinay Mepani
  • Kav Bandara
  • Timothy Cottier
  • Elise Carrotte
  • Wesley Grey
  • Ruby Kohane

If you would like up to date info on the events we are running, are interested in joining our planning committee, being involved in a mentoring program, or have ideas/requests for future events, you can connect with us via our facebook page or via email at grips.msps@gmail.com

Additionally, you are welcome to sign up to our mailing list: (http://eepurl.com/cyaAsz).