Program Summary

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is designed for graduates who are interested in changing career direction, students who are interested in eventually qualifying as a registered psychologist, or for those who wish to study psychology out of a general interest in the discipline. The course consists of eight compulsory subjects and two elective subjects, each worth 12.5 credit points each for 125 credit points in total. The minimum amount of time in which the full-time qualification can be completed is 12 months (January – December). Students who wish to complete the course within 12 months must apply for the Full-Time study load of each Summer Intake. It should be noted that this is a particularly intensive mode of study and students often find it necessary to spread their studies out over a longer period of time. For that reason it is possible to change to a part-time study mode after completing the summer intensive subjects, which will then allow completion of the program within two calendar years.

Graduate Diploma in Psychology Careers Pathway Session

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