Advisory Board announced

The Contemplative Studies Centre is delighted to introduce its new Advisory Board.

Comprised of leading academics, faith and wisdom tradition leaders, community leaders, entrepreneurs, meditation practitioners and journalists, the Advisory Board will work with the Centre team to provide advice on matters of strategic significance and ensure the Centre continues to develop and innovate in order to achieve its vision.

Our vision

We envision a future where the empirically underpinned knowledge gained from contemplative wisdom, innovative research, lifelong education, and authentic dialogue and practice allows us, our society, and our world to flourish.

Thank you in particular to our Chair, Professor Pip Pattison and Deputy Chair, Associate Professor Sara Wills. We look forward to working with the Advisory Board and embracing ideas to make sure that we build a truly inclusive community who are focused on using these profound practices to transform not just individuals but the entirety of human society, through greater connection and compassion.

Meet our Advisory Board