CSC staff profile: Dr Jonathan Davies

Meet Dr Jonathan Davies, the Contemplative Studies Centre's research trials manager.

Jonathan is a postdoctoral research fellow and research trials manager which means he gets to help develop and manage the research activities of the Contemplative Studies Centre. This includes brainstorming exciting new research projects, developing and running those projects, and sharing the results. He also helps to support research students and staff who work on those projects.

He loves everything about working at the Contemplative Studies Centre, most of all how passionate and dedicated the team is, how much support we get from the community, and that pushing boundaries is encouraged if not expected.

He is passionate about anything that gets him in, on or around water. Platform diving and surfing are two current favourites. Next in his sights are restoring native habitat at his local creek and exploring tropical islands by kayak.

When he's not working or hanging out with his kids, he likes to meditate!

Headshot of Jonathan Davies.