CSC staff profile: Luke Hambly

Meet Luke Hambly, who joined the Contemplative Studies Centre in August 2021.

As Manager, Business and Operations, Luke’s role supports and advises on the business operations that underpin the work we do. This means a big focus on managing budgets, contracts and related issues for the Centre and the projects we run. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to help shape the work of a Centre looking at contemplative theory and practice from different places and traditions, and what they bring to today’s world. Luke is passionate about intercultural communication and understanding, learning about cultures and societies different to his own – how they are structured, what they value, how they live, and how they view the world. When he’s not at work, Luke listens to a lot of music, and following on from above, he is particularly interested in music and music styles from all corners of the globe, and the sounds that result when they mix and fuse.

Headshot of Luke Hambly.