Introducing Ana Dragojlovic

Meet Ana Dragojlovic, Associate Professor in Gender Studies and research affiliate with the Contemplative Studies Centre.

Ana Dragojlovic joins the Contemplative Studies Centre as a research affiliate. She is Associate Professor in Gender Studies in the School of Culture and Communication, Faculty of Arts. Her research centres on unusual and difficult experiences for mindfulness practitioners, with a particular focus on how these might be related to structural inequalities of gender, race, class, and ability. This builds on her research on modalities of healing for long-term effects of intergenerational harm and gendered violence, such as systemic work, psychedelic medicine, art therapy, and mindfulness, among others. In addition, she is examining emerging pedagogies for gender and racial literacy within the mindfulness movement.

The importance that the Centre places on nurturing human potential, the cultivation of diversity, and commitment to excellence in scholarship and education, makes it a particularly inspiring and joyful place to work. Ana is passionate about understanding contemporary pursuits of eudaimonia – the cultivation of human flourishing and living well.

Outside of research, she enjoys print making, exercising, and gallery hopping, and has been a passionate yoga and meditation practitioner for many years.