Introducing Haisu Sun

Meet Haisu Sun, Teaching Fellow at the Contemplative Studies Centre.

Haisu Sun joins the Contemplative Studies Centre from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences as a new teaching fellow. As part of her role, she will focus on design, delivery, subject co-ordination, and subject review across a broad range of contemplative courses. She will also assist with academic counselling and pastoral care of students. Haisu feels the Centre plays an important role in bringing together the study of religious, spiritual, and secular practices within a scientific framework. She is excited to be part of its positive impact on students, the University of Melbourne, and the broader community.

Haisu was born into a cultural mix of Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Through this lived experience, she has developed a lifelong interest in contemplative practices and how they might help her personally, but also society in general. As she has grown older, contemplative practices have helped her deal with the challenges of life as well as build many precious relationships. She is deeply grateful that she can make contemplative practices part of her profession and hopes she can help others on their journey.

When she’s not at work, Haisu is involved in social justice and environmental movements, gardening (or at least watching her partner gardening), and taking care of her little baby, born in the Year of the Tiger.