R Bootcamp

In April and May of 2019 we had our inaugural R bootcamp sessions, which were run by A/Prof Amy Perfors (Deputy Director of the Complex Human Data Hub). There were three sessions whose goal was to introduce people to the basics of the statistical programming language R, providing enough background for them to be able to bootstrap themselves up the rest of the way.

This bootcamp was open to anybody in the School of Psychological Sciences community, from undergraduate to staff. It was totally optional and not assessed anywhere: just for fun and information! Several dozen people came and the classes were lively and interactive.

These sessions parallel an increasing use of R (rather than SPSS) as both a data analysis tool in psychology as well as in the undergraduate psychology program at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences. 2019 has been the first year that R was taught in Research Methods For Human Inquiry (RHMI - PSYC30013), instead of SPSS which was taught previously.

The slides and video from the R bootcamp sessions are available for members of the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences community on the RBootcamp webpage, along with the datafile for the sessions and a bunch of general R resources. These resources have also been made available to everyone here.