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Coleman, H., McIntosh, A., Rayner, G., Wilson S.J. (2021).  Understanding long-term changes in patient identity, 15 to 20 years after surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy.  Epilepsia, doi: 10.1111/epi.17027 [pdf]

Haslam N., Vylomova E., Murphy S. C., Wilson S. J. (2021).  The neuroscientification of psychology:  The rising prevalence of neuroscientific concepts in psychology from 1965 to 2016. Perspectives on Psychological Science, doi: 10.1177/1745691621991864. [pdf]

Honybun, E., Thwaites, R., Malpas, C. B., Rayner, G., Anderson, A., Graham, J., . . . Perucca, P. (2021). Prenatal valproate exposure and adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes: Does sex matter? Epilepsia, 62(3), 709-719. [pdf]

Krause, A. E., Glasser, S., Osborne, M. (2021). Augmenting Function with Value: An Exploration of Reasons to Engage and Disengage from Music Listening. Music & Science, 4, 1-13. [pdf]

Norman, M., Wilson, S. J., Baxendale, S., Barr, W., Block, C., Busch, R. M., . . . McDonald, C. R. (2021). Addressing neuropsychological diagnostics in adults with epilepsy: Introducing the International Classification of Cognitive Disorders in Epilepsy: The IC CODE Initiative. Epilepsia Open. doi:  10.1002/epi4.12478. [pdf]

Tan, Y. T., McPherson, G. E., Peretz, I., Wilson, S. J. (2021).  Establishing the reliability and validity of web-based singing research. Music Perception, 38 (4), 386-405. [pdf]