Photo of lady singing

Let's Sing!

Prof Sarah Wilson, Dr Yi Ting Tan, Prof Gary McPherson (Melbourne Conservatorium of Music) and Prof Isabelle Peretz (University of Montreal) have designed a world-first online tool to capture live singing performances across multiple devices and web browsers.  This software consists of three singing tasks that vary in complexity and a comprehensive assessment of musical background.  It is built on HTML5.

The software was originally developed to objectively measure singing accuracy on an ARC-funded study which examined the heritability of singing.  It has been shown to demonstrate high internal consistency and test-retest reliabilities, as reported in a recent publication in Music Perception (Tan et al., 2021).

A free version is available to the wider research community and the general public: All data is stored in-house on a secure, password protected server.

Please email Dr Valerie Yap ( if you intend to use this tool for research purposes.

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