Program Structure

MHPP Co-Directors Team

  • Prof Nick Haslam

    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    “This PhD Program provides currently enrolled University of Melbourne PhD students working within the domain of Mental Health with the opportunity to become accomplished graduate researchers who are not only prepared to engage with their own discipline, but are equipped with the capacity to place their work in a broader multidisciplinary context within mental health.”

  • Prof Jane Pirkis

    Centre for Mental Health, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

    “A PhD position is a big commitment and this program creates a platform to support a true cohort experience and provide a network of support, aimed to help PhD candidates working within the mental health domain through their doctorate and beyond.”

  • Prof Chris Davey

    Department of Psychiatry, Melbourne Medical School

    “Embarking on a PhD promises incredible rewards, but is not without its pitfalls. One of those can be a sense of isolation, as candidates focus on narrow topics in research silos. The Mental Health PhD Program provides a fantastic opportunity to share the journey with others, and to learn about the broader mental health field, helping students to place their PhD research in context.”

  • Prof Alison Yung

    Centre for Youth Mental Health

    “The Mental Health Phd Program is a fantastic resource for students interested in the many aspects of mental health. It is a great way of keeping abreast of the latest research, training opportunities and news from the academic community. But more than that, it is a network for students to get in touch with each other. They can share their ups and downs and tips for getting through a PhD. It's a really valuable structure and so important in these challenging times.”

  • Prof Andrew Lawrence

    Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health

    “This program brings together students working in all aspects of mental health research in a truly engaging manner. The shared experience is aimed to foster collaboration and develop a broader understanding of what is an undoubtedly complex issue.”

  • Dr Marjolein Kammers

    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    “This program promotes interdisciplinary exchange and a multidisciplinary awareness of the intellectual, economic and political dimensions of the contemporary mental health environment, and the opportunity to build a multidisciplinary framework and a network of (peer) support.”

MHPP Operations Manager

The Mental Health PhD Program now has a wonderful Operations Manager: Phoebe Thomson (Department of Paediatrics). Phoebe is involved in the organisation, coordination, and promotion of many of our great events.

MHPP Event Coordinators

The Mental Health PhD Program has a new online platform with different Channels. Each Channel has a team of Event Coordinators. This is a team of current MHPP PhD students who help organise events and provide a true cohort experience. The invaluable contributions of these wonderful MHPP members is what makes the Program truly great!

It is also a great way for members to work on their transferable skills, expand their CVs and create a vast multidisciplinary network with the University of Melbourne. If you would like to join the MHPP and are perhaps interested in taking on the role of Event Coordinator for some time during your PhD journey then please visit the application tab here. We would love to hear from you!

PhD Progress Channel

  • Yara Toenders

    Centre for Youth Mental Health

  • Hannah Savage

    Department of Psychiatry

Support Channel

  • Yara Toenders

    Centre for Youth Mental Health

  • Hannah Savage

    Department of Psychiatry

Professional Development Channel

  • Amy Coe

    Department of General Practice

  • Brendan Pearl

    Department of Psychiatry

  • Anna Ross

    Centre for Mental Health

Presentation Channel

  • Phoebe Thomson

    Department of Paediatrics

  • Carra Simpson

    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

Library Channel

  • Annai Charlton

    Florey Institute for Neuroscience and Mental Health

Connect Channel

  • Kavisha Fernando

    Department of Psychiatry

  • Tam Dennis

    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences