Transdiagnostic Research Program (TRP)

The Transdiagnostic Research Program (TRP) is dedicated to understanding cognitive mechanisms that underlie the maintenance of depression, anxiety and eating symptomatology in multiple sclerosis, endometriosis, clinical and community populations. The information from this research program will be used to develop effective psychological interventions targeting these populations and will be used to contribute toward significant academic research by research students and staff within the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne.

We are currently recruiting for this research program and your contribution would be highly valued. Please proceed to the 'participation' tab for more information.


Research has consistently revealed that high levels of depression and anxiety are prevalent among individuals diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, endometriosis and eating disorders. Depression and anxiety are frequently comorbid, and often leading to greater distress, functional impairment and risk of suicide in various populations.

Current approaches for treating anxiety, depression and eating disorders are characterised by disorder specific treatments, most commonly under the forms of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Transdiagnostic approaches, which focus on identifying and treating common cognitive and behavioral mechanisms underlying the maintenance of multiple psychological disorders, are gaining momentum.

Identifying transdiagnostic factors involved in the development and maintenance of psychological disorders can assist with the development of tailored psychological interventions for these disorders across different medical, clinical and community populations. Your participation in this online survey will assist us in doing this.

How can I participate?

Please complete questionnaire one by following this link:

Questionnaire one

We will ask you to complete the questionnaire at two different timepoints. After completing the first questionnaire you will be sent an automatic survey link at the 6 month timepoint.

Once you complete questionnaires at the two timepoints you will be entered into a draw to receive an e-gift prize.


Q: I live outside of Australia, can I take part?
A:  Yes. This study accepts responses worldwide.

Q: My health practitioner/s suspect a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis and/or endometriosis in my case but this has not been confirmed, am I eligible to participate?
A: Yes.

Q: I'm under 18, can I participate?
A:  No, this research requires you to be at least 18 years old.

Q: Will I receive any compensation for participating?
A: If you are completing the follow up questionnaires at the 6 and 12 month periods you will go into a draw for an e-gift voucher.
If you are a REP participant you will obtain two hours worth of university credit through the University of Melbourne's Research Experience Program.

Q: What does informed consent mean?
A: Informed consent means that you, as a potential research participant, receive all relevant information in clear and understandable language before you decide if you want to take part. For this research study, before you can participate, you must read the 'plain language statement' and sign the consent form to indicate that you have been given this information, and understand everything involved.

Q: Where will my information be stored and who has access to this?
A: All information will be stored electronically in password protected databases on restricted-access servers, which sit behind university firewalls. Only those staff and students named on the ethics approval for the project will be given access to this data. All identifying information (eg your name, address, date of birth) will be stored separately to the other information you provide (eg questionnaire responses).

Q: Will the results of this research be published? And if so, will my information be deidentified?
A: Yes, the results of this research will be published. Any personal information that could identify you will be removed before the results are published.

Q: Will I receive information about my individual survey results?
A: No. This project is for research purposes only and we are thus unable to provide individualised results. If you have particular questions or concerns, we recommend you discuss them with your general medical practitioner (GP). If you score highly on the depression and anxiety measures there will be an automated email generated which will notify you of this. This email will also contain contact details of support services you may wish to contact.

Q: Does it cost anything to participate in this research?
A: No, there is no cost to you in participating.

Contact Us

Principal researcher: Dr Litza Kiropoulos (

Dr Isabel Krug (

Student researchers involved in TRP:

  • Rebekah Davenport
  • An Dang
  • Anastasia Pourliakas
  • Leo Mares