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What is TwitPlat?

TwitPlat is a searchable database of 3.2 billion geolocated twitter posts spanning 10 years. We conceived, developed and now maintain TwitPlat for research purposes, and we allow other reseachers to access it, too. What sets Twitplat apart is the sheer size of data availability. Adding to this strength, all posts are geolocated to very fine granularity using an algorithm we developed. This algorithm allows us to see variation in cultural ideology across time and place, gaining valuable insights into important predictors of behaviour and attitudes. To access Twitplat or find out more, click here.

Female Hormonal Cycle

The Daily Cycle Diary

Here at the Evolution Lab, we think knowledge is power. That’s why we developed and now run The Daily Cycle Diary, a citizen science project investigating the effects of the menstrual cycle on women’s psychology and and health. Our online platform allows women to track their menstrual cycles, understand how their cycle affects them, share their results with medical professionals, and compare their patterns to other women worldwide – all entirely for free. To access The Daily Cycle Diary or find out more, click here.

Image from The Menstrual Cycle at Hello Clue.