Mood and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory

Research Overview

Our laboratory investigates the biological, psychological, social and cognitive mechanisms and processes involved in the development of affective and anxiety disorders. Our research involves the investigation of these processes in both healthy adults and a range of clinical and medically ill groups. We also examine transdiagnostic cognitive factors across mood and anxiety disorders longitudinally in community, clinical and medically ill populations. We apply this knowledge to develop and evaluate novel and innovative psychological interventions for mood and anxiety disorders and related issues in randomised controlled trials (including targeting various populations such as the medically ill, different cultural groups).

Some examples of research projects that are currently running include:

  • Investigation of transdiagnostic factors involved in depressive, anxiety and eating disorders
  • A Phase II randomised controlled trial of an early tailored psychological intervention for depression in those newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (1) (2)
  • A mindfulness-based group intervention for psychological distress and adjustment in an oncology population
  • Examination of biomarkers of depression in individuals with multiple sclerosis
  • Investigation of cognitive impairment and improvements in individuals with multiple sclerosis undertaking an early psychological intervention for depression
  • The influence of personality on the development of depression and anxiety disorders in the medically ill
  • Predictors of depressive and anxiety symptoms in the medically ill
  • Cognitive factors involved in the development and maintenance of depression and anxiety disorders in the medically ill

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Current students/fellows

Master of Clinical Psychology students
  • Sophie Yeung
    Sophie Yeung
Combined Master of Clinical Psychology/PhD students
  • Rebekah Davenport
    Rebekah Davenport
  • An Dang
    An Dang
PhD students
  • Anastasia Pourliakas
    Anastasia Pourliakas
  • Linh Dang
    Linh Dang
  • Jade Portingale
    Jade Portingale

Previous students/fellows

Postdoctoral Research Fellows
  • Vanja Rozenblat
    Dr Vanja Rozenblat
Master of Clinical Psychology students
  • Marc Cilia
    Marc Cilia
  • Ellentika Chayadi
    Ellentika Chayadi
  • Charmaine Lim
    Charmaine Lim
  • Charlotte Song
    Charlotte Song
  • Ruby Shirrefs
    Ruby Shirrefs
  • Summer Guo
    Summer Guo
Master of Clinical Research students
  • Nick Rickerby
    Nick Rickerby
Honours in Psychology students
  • Leo Mares
    Leo Mares
  • Phuong Linh Dang
    Phuong Linh Dang
  • Tamrin Barta
    Tamrin Barta
  • Iswa Chaudhry
    Iswa Chaudhry
  • Erica Clarke
    Erica Clarke
  • Marilyn Tan
    Marilyn Tan
  • Rebekah Davenport
    Rebekah Davenport
  • Janese Wong
    Janese Wong

Research Assistants

  • Naomi Baes
    Naomi Baes
  • Elizabeth Forte
    Elizabeth Forte


  • Royal Melbourne Hospital/Melbourne Health
  • Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
  • Western Health
  • St Vincent’s Hospital
  • Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • Melbourne Dental School
  • Melbourne Neuroscience Institute
  • Orygen, The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health
  • MS Research Australia
  • MS Society


  • MS Research Australia project grant funding
  • Neuroscience and Behavioural Research Domain project grant funding

PhD opportunities

The Mood and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory has a number of PhD level projects available (many of which are supported by Category 1 grant funding) looking at various aspects of depression and anxiety including cognition, intervention studies, development of e-mental health resources, predictors, risk factors and psychoneuroimmunological markers in depression and anxiety in various population groups including the medically ill such as those with multiple sclerosis and cancer.

Many of these projects will be supported by new clinical trial centre facilities including new office spaces and computers and a collegial and supportive lab environment involving Honours, Master of Clinical Psychology students and a post-doctoral research fellow.


  • PhD level projects are open to Australian (domestic) candidates only
  • The PhD must be undertaken on a full-time basis
  • Applicants must have been awarded at least a first class Honours degree in psychology
  • Research experience in mental health and/or hospital based research will be looked upon favourably
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate strong written, verbal and analytical skills

Please contact Dr Litza Kiropoulos on 90354063 or email: for more information.

Involvement with the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Lab

Volunteer opportunities

If you would like to volunteer on a project being conducted through the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Lab please feel free to contact Dr Litza Kiropoulos directly (

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For further information about this research, please contact Head of Lab Dr Litza Kiropoulos

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