Investigating individual differences in the extraction of meaning


The personality constrict of schizotypy is being investigated for its relationship with perception and processing (1) One aspect of the study (as conducted by Eleni) is investigating schizotypy and instances in which participants perceive meaning in noise. This is being studied across sensory modalities (visual and aural) as well as semantically through a word association task. (2) The second component (conducted by Kelsey) is investigating schizotypy, creativity, insight and problem solving. This is being done by

Research Questions / Hypotheses

For study (1): that schizotypy will positively predict participants having greater instances of seeing meaning in noise (in visual, aural and semantic tests) For study (2): Schizotypy will predict




Participants were gathered through the REP system. Investigation was carried out via an electronic survey on qualtrics. Survey takes approximately 60min to complete. Survey consists of questions investigating: - schizotypy (through a short version of the Oxford-Liverpool Inventory of Feelings and Emotions. Consists of 5-point Likert scale - A series of word tasks (Bridge-the-Associative-Gap, alternative uses task, compound remote association) as measures of creativity. These also involved ratings of association, confidence in response, as well as feelings of 'Aha'. - visual noise stimuli - aural noise stimuli


This study will continue to collect REP responses in semester 2. Analytic plan involves investigators rating participant responses to the alternative uses task and bridge-the-associative-gap task for originality. Statistical analysis will then be conducted in R.


The relationships under investigation have implications for our understanding of personality, perception and behaviour. Our findings will strengthen understanding of individual differences and factors that may underly these. Investigation and results will be shared in a conference presentation and potentially journal articles (if published).