The Moral Observation


The study is interested in people’s daily wellbeing and exploring its relationship with their moral awareness.

Research Questions / Hypotheses

Whether moral awareness, measured by moral identity and attentiveness, affect wellbeing. Whether the above relationship is moderated by social connectedness and rumination.


Of the 105 participants that signed up in total, 65 completed the study fully (both parts 1 and 2). 26 participants were an unexcused no-show for both parts of the study. 14 were an unexcused no-show for part 2 of the study.


Initial Qualtrics survey measuring moral awareness, religiosity, political identity, rumination, and social connectedness - part one of the study Daily ESM for 14 days measuring moral attentiveness, identity, and wellbeing - part two of the study




This exploratory research study is part of the 4th year honours project.