Wellbeing and daily life during COVID-19


People normally derive their sense of meaning in life from relationships and from being able to undertake valued activities. However, our ability to do both of these things has been affected by COVID-19. In this study, we were interested in exploring the relationship between people's daily activities, their relationships, and how these things were related to different aspects of their wellbeing. We were also interested to see if people whose lives were very affected by COVID-19 drew their sense of meaning in life from different things than those who were less impacted.

Research Questions / Hypotheses

Research question 1: How do things like social connection, spirituality, exercise, daily activities and social relationships relate to different aspects of a person's wellbeing (e.g. sense of mattering, purpose, happiness, etc.)    Research question 2: How are the above relationships moderated by exposure to disruption from COVID-19?




Well-being questionnaires, questionnaires regarding daily activities, physical activity, hobbies, social relationships, etc.; Questions regarding level of life disruption caused by COVID-19.


Analyses of the data have not yet been conducted.


Analyses of the data have not yet been conducted.