Research Team

Current Members

PhD Students

  • Valentina Bianchi
    Valentina Bianchi

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    Valentina's research focuses on secrecy processes in everyday life, emotion and emotion regulation, social connectedness as well as meta-science. Valentina is also a Senior Clinical Psychologist and holds academic interests across clinical and social psychology, having completed Master degrees in both areas (University of Padova and Deakin University).

  • Ahn Tran
    Anh Tran

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    Anh's research focuses on interpersonal emotion regulation - why and how we influence our own and other's emotions in social contexts. A Master of Applied Psychology graduate from the University of Melbourne, she is also interested in translating research findings into actionable insights to solve practical problems.

  • Rachel Freeman Robinson
    Rachel Freeman-Robinson

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    Rachel is interested in how attention, acceptance, and effort influence emotion regulation. She is also a tutor in research methods and social psychology at the University of Melbourne.

  • Aya Uchida

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences & Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Psychology

    Aya's research is interested in how and why individuals and cultures differ in emotion regulation and the role of motivation in emotion regulation.

Lab Research Support

2023 Honours Students

  • Devika Prakash (she/her)
  • Cedrick Bergola (he/him)
  • Emily Chan (she/her)
  • Sarah Pearse (she/her)
  • Yuet Sum (Jocelyn) Wong (she/her)
  • Jessica Polhill (she/her)
  • Janice Priskila Hermawan (she/her)

Past Members


  • Akshay Chandran (Honours student)
  • James Teague (Honours student)
  • Janine Griffiths (Honours student)
  • Patrick Davies (Honours student)
  • Namwon (Kate) Kim (Honours student)
  • Ankita Sen (Honours student)
  • Julian Weiner-Angelopulo (Honours student)
  • Jessica Lee (Honours student)
  • Belinda Dalton (Honours student)
  • Beth Clarke (Student intern)
  • Skye Burnley (Student intern)
  • Isobel Moore (Student intern)


  • Hayley Medland (PhD and Clinical Masters student)
  • Yixia Zheng (PhD student)
  • Paul Garrett
  • Jack Woods (Honours student)
  • Kristina Mei (Honours student)
  • Joanne (Jo) Kostopoulos (Honours student)
  • Yehudi (Hudi) Saling (Honours student)
  • Lachlan Raymond Bagnara (Honours student)
  • Komal Grewal (Honours student)
  • Dr Bill Bingley (Research assistant)
  • Xin Yi (Sydnei) Yang  (Research Intern)
  • Jasmin Kaur Sareen (Research Intern)
  • Sophie Warner (Research Intern)
  • Amy Bowring (Research Intern)


  • Annabelle Patten (Honours student)
  • Emma McIntosh (Honours student)
  • Lachlan Anthony (Honours student)
  • Melissa Petrolo (Honours student)
  • Rachel Sobel (Honours student)
  • Tammy Lim (Honours student)
  • Christine Beckett (Research intern)
  • Patrick Burnett (Research intern)
  • Nicholas Cheng (Research intern and Honours student)
  • Dominik Kristen-Parsch (Research intern)
  • Harry Speagle (Research intern)
  • Sophie Yeung (Research intern)


  • Amani Nasarudin (Honours student)
  • Jardine Louise Mitchell (Honours student)
  • Jessica Mortlock (Honours student)
  • Sylvia Chu Lin (Honours student)
  • Bruce McIntyre (Research intern)
  • Steven Leu (Research intern)
  • Julia Schreiber (Visiting Master's student)
  • Yaoxi Shi (Visiting Master's student)


  • Jordan Hinton (Research Assistant and Lab Manager). Now at the Australian Catholic University
  • Ami Mane (Honours student)
  • Aamna Shah (Honours student)
  • Khai Shin Lee (Honours student)
  • Ann Ee Ching (Honours student)
  • Sarah Paling (Visiting Master’s student)
  • Orsi Benke (Visiting Master’s student)
  • David Mussoff (Research intern)
  • Stephanie Au Yeung (Research intern)

Furry Friends of the FEEL Lab

Finn - The Lab Lab
Sparrow (left) & Bobby (right)
Piper (left) Rupert (right)
Esmerelda "Ezzy"

External Collaborators

  • James Gross
    Professor James Gross

    Stanford University

  • Peter Kuppens
    Professor Peter Kuppens

    KU Leuven

    University of Leuven

  • Tom Hollenstein
    Associate Professor Tom Hollenstein

    Queen's University, Canada

  • Maya Tamir
    Professor Maya Tamir

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • John Gleeson
    Professor John Gleeson

    Australian Catholic University

  • Renee Thompson
    Associate Professor Renee Thompson

    Washington University

  • Michael Slepian
    Associate Professor Michael Slepian

    Columbia Business School

  • Dr Tony Gutentag

    School of Medicine, Tel Aviv University