Research Team

Current Members

PhD Students

  • Valentina Bianchi

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    Valentina's research focuses on secrecy processes in everyday life, emotion and emotion regulation, social connectedness as well as meta-science. Valentina is also a Senior Clinical Psychologist and holds academic interests across clinical and social psychology, having completed Master degrees in both areas (University of Padova and Deakin University).

  • Anh Tran

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    Anh's research focuses on interpersonal emotion regulation - why and how we influence our own and other's emotions in social contexts. A Master of Applied Psychology graduate from the University of Melbourne, she is also interested in translating research findings into actionable insights to solve practical problems.

  • Rachel Freeman-Robinson

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

    Rachel is interested in how attention, acceptance, and effort influence emotion regulation. She is also a tutor in research methods and social psychology at the University of Melbourne.

  • Aya Uchida

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences & Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Psychology

    Aya's research is interested in how and why individuals and cultures differ in emotion regulation and the role of motivation in emotion regulation.

  • Yixia Zheng

    PhD Student


    Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences

2022 Honours Students

  • Akshay Chandran (he/him)
  • James Teague (he/him)
  • Janine Griffiths (she/her)
  • Patrick Davies (he/him)
  • Namwon (Kate) Kim (she/her)
  • Ankita Sen (she/her)
  • Julian Weiner-Angelopulo (he/him)
  • Jessica Lee (she/her)
  • Hepbyrne Davies (she/her)
  • Belinda Dalton (she/her)

Research Interns / visiting students

  • Beth Clarke (she/her)
  • Skye Burney (she/her)
  • Isobel Moore (she/her)

Past Members


  • Hayley Medland (PhD and Clinical Masters Student)
  • Paul Garrett
  • Jack Woods (Honours student)
  • Kristina Mei (Honours student)
  • Joanne (Jo) Kostopoulos (Honours student)
  • Yehudi (Hudi) Saling (Honours student)
  • Lachlan Raymond Bagnara (Honours student)
  • Komal Grewal (Honours student)
  • Dr Bill Bingley (Research assistant)
  • Xin Yi (Sydnei) Yang  (Research Intern)
  • Jasmin Kaur Sareen (Research Intern)
  • Sophie Warner (Research Intern)
  • Amy Bowring (Research Intern)


  • Annabelle Patten (Honours student)
  • Emma McIntosh (Honours student)
  • Lachlan Anthony (Honours student)
  • Melissa Petrolo (Honours student)
  • Rachel Sobel (Honours student)
  • Tammy Lim (Honours student)
  • Christine Beckett (Research intern)
  • Patrick Burnett (Research intern)
  • Nicholas Cheng (Research intern and Honours student)
  • Dominik Kristen-Parsch (Research intern)
  • Harry Speagle (Research intern)
  • Sophie Yeung (Research intern)


  • Amani Nasarudin (Honours student)
  • Jardine Louise Mitchell (Honours student)
  • Jessica Mortlock (Honours student)
  • Sylvia Chu Lin (Honours student)
  • Bruce McIntyre (Research intern)
  • Steven Leu (Research intern)
  • Julia Schreiber (Visiting Master's student)
  • Yaoxi Shi (Visiting Master's student)


  • Jordan Hinton (Research Assistant and Lab Manager). Now at the Australian Catholic University
  • Ami Mane (Honours student)
  • Aamna Shah (Honours student)
  • Khai Shin Lee (Honours student)
  • Ann Ee Ching (Honours student)
  • Sarah Paling (Visiting Master’s student)
  • Orsi Benke (Visiting Master’s student)
  • David Mussoff (Research intern)
  • Stephanie Au Yeung (Research intern)


  • Hon Chung (Tommy) Choi (Honours student)
  • Tim Reynolds (Honours student)

Furry Friends of the FEEL Lab

Piper (left) Rupert (right)
Esmerelda "Ezzy"
Finn - The Lab Lab

External Collaborators

  • Professor James Gross

    Stanford University

  • Professor Peter Kuppens

    KU Leuven

    University of Leuven

  • Associate Professor Tom Hollenstein

    Queen's University, Canada

  • Professor Maya Tamir

    Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Professor John Gleeson

    Australian Catholic University

  • Associate Professor Renee Thompson

    Washington University

  • Associate Professor Michael Slepian

    Columbia Business School