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Smartphone Ecological Momentary Assessment (or SEMA) is a suite of software for designing and conducting smartphone-based survey research. SEMA was designed specifically for ecological momentary assessment (EMA), also known as the experience sampling method (ESM), which typically involves administering a survey several times per day (at random times) over several days. However, SEMA can also be used to administer surveys less frequently (e.g., once daily, as in daily diary studies), or on an ad hoc basis (i.e., participants launch the survey manually at any time).

Following extensive testing of the initial version of SEMA in 2013-2014, SEMA version 2 was developed in 2015 by researchers at Australian Catholic University and Orygen-The National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health, in collaboration with a private software developer, Boosted Human. SEMA includes a multitude of features that enable researchers to easily and intuitively create and administer smartphone surveys and easily access and analyse collected data.


SEMA (Version 3)

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