Research Tools


SEMA (Smartphone Ecological Momentary Assessment) is a suite of software for conducting intensive longitudinal survey research using iOS and Android smartphones. Primarily designed for Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), also known as the Experience Sampling Method (ESM), SEMA has the flexibility to deliver smartphone surveys at fixed or random intervals ranging from minutes to months, as well as allowing participant-triggered surveys (a.k.a. event-contingent sampling). Visit the SEMA website for more information:


EMOTE (Everyday Measures of Temporal Emotions) is an open-access, searchable, and cumulative database of experience sampling data on daily emotional functioning, developed by the FEEL Lab. Experience sampling methods allow us to capture personally meaningful events that can't be recreated in the lab, to map dynamic fluctuations in emotional processes across time, and to study how these processes contribute to psychological well-being. However, conducting experience sampling studies is costly, time-intensive, and requires expertise. To reduce the barriers to using experience sampling data, and to harness its full scientific potential, we have built EMOTE. Visit the EMOTE website for more information:

Introduction to Experience Sampling Methods

Dr. Kalokerinos discusses when ESM is useful, when things can go wrong, and how to design and execute a good ESM study. Slides can be downloaded via Dr. Kalokerinos OSF page

Measuring Emotion & Emotion Regulation in Daily Life

Dr. Kalokerinos and Dr. Peter Koval give an introduction to assessing momentary emotions and emotion regulation strategies in everyday life using the experience sampling method. This workshop focuses on selecting and developing survey items to assess emotion in daily life. Recording and slides can be downloaded via the OSF page.