Resources for Current Students (Year 4)

  • Redmond Barry Building Access

    Fourth Year students are welcome to use the Graduate Resources Room located on 10th floor, Redmond Barry building. The room is equipped with desktop computers (PC), a B&W printer, desks and a break-out area.

    A valid Student ID card is required to access the Graduate Resources Room. Once you have obtained a new Student ID card, please submit an MSPS Student Access Request online so the card can be updated.

    Please note: access requests are usually processed by Property & Campus Services within 1-3 working days.

  • Printing / Photocopying Credit

    Fourth Year students will receive $25.00 or 250 pages credit accessible in the Graduate Resources Room, 10th floor, Redmond Barry building. Printing/photocopying in this location is $0.10 per side.

    The printing/photocopying credit allowance will be available on student accounts at the start of Semester 1. Additional print credit for use in the Graduate Resources Room can be purchased in cash from Psychology Enquiries.

    Please note: printing/photocopying credit allocated or purchased from the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences is valid in the Graduate Resources Room only. This credit is non-transferable to Unicard system.

    For information about printing elsewhere on campus, please visit the Student IT & eLearning support website.

  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Information

    Occupational Health, Safety and Environment requirements are everyone's responsibility. By taking some simple, common-sense approaches, and by following the guidelines provided by the School and University, you can ensure that you are studying and conducting research in a safe and healthy environment.


  • Test Library

    The Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences has an extensive collection of psychological testing material to support its fourth year and postgraduate programs.


  • University of Melbourne Academic Policies and Procedures

    The University of Melbourne governs its operations through government legislation and University statutes, regulations, policies and processes.