Vision, Ethics and Values

  • Our Vision

    We envision a future where the empirically underpinned knowledge gained from contemplative wisdom, innovative research, lifelong education, and authentic dialogue and practice allows us, our society, and our world to flourish.

  • Our Mission Statement

    Our mission is to build a truly inclusive community of novice and adept practitioners, scholars and academics, clinicians and researchers, and secular, Indigenous, religious and spiritual leaders and changemakers who are focused on understanding, investigating and sharing these profound practices to the benefit of both individuals and the entirety of human society, through greater connection and compassion. Our mission is achieved through our engagement, education, and practice programs and our foundation of research.

  • Our Values and Ethos
    • Compassion | We seek to nurture the potential of all by bringing a boundless humanity and kindness to our work.
    • Inclusivity | We warmly embrace diversity of thought, experience, perspective, and tradition and are committed to the principles of true accessibility.
    • Authenticity | We embody trustworthiness, transparency, and genuinely seek positive change for the world. We will stay true to our vision and take responsibility for our actions.
    • Integrity | Our values, ideals, and actions align. We are committed to honesty and accountability.
    • Transformational change | Our unwavering commitment to excellence in research, education and practice will help to reduce the world’s suffering and improve wellbeing.
  • Code of Ethical Conduct

    There has been an explosion of interest in and popularity of contemplative practices, with an estimated 200-500 million meditators worldwide. Empirical research indicates that these practices produce desirable outcomes for physical and psychological conditions across a broad spectrum.

    However, despite increased application, there remains a critical need for evidence-based principles to help people discern between the plethora of offerings to ensure connection to authentic practices and optimal outcomes for all.

    The lack of counsel from traditional experts and knowledgeable practitioners has undermined the potential for these ancient practices in the modern world. Therefore we have developed this Code of Ethical Conduct to ensure that those we work with embody our authentic values and ethos.

    Those employed by, participating on committees/boards or collaborating with the Contemplative Studies Centre (CSC) at the University of Melbourne, agree to an ethics plan to guide conduct. The Code of Ethical Conduct aims to ensure that members abide by the highest ethical standards, act solely in furtherance of the public interest, and base all research, business and political decisions on merit, minimising individual conflicts of interest. The Code of Ethical Conduct is part of a broader effort by the CSC to restore and maintain trust in empirical evidence and authentic engagement with wisdom traditions.