Amid the action and distraction that fills everyday life, contemplative practices help to provide insight and connection into who we are, who we want to be, and what is most meaningful to us. With foundations in introspection, connection and awareness, contemplative practices help individuals to achieve a quieting of the mind, realisation of what it is to be human, and aid in the development of a more balanced and committed life. These profound practices have the potential to transform not just individuals but the entirety of human society, through greater connection.

The Contemplative Studies Centre will be the first point of entry into the world of mindfulness, meditation and contemplative practice at the University of Melbourne. This interdisciplinary Centre will deliver ground-breaking research, innovative educational offerings and a world-class engagement series. It will also offer an opportunity for authentic practice, guided sessions and a place for inter-faith and wisdom discussion.

A sincere thanks to the Martin and Loreto Hosking for making the Centre possible through their generous philanthropic gift.

We look forward to welcoming the community to the Contemplative Studies Centre.

About Nicholas Van Dam

Dr Nicholas Van Dam is the inaugral Director of the Contemplative Studies Centre at the University of Melbourne. Nicholas  represents the next generation in contemplative science and is a highly regarded global leader in contemplative research and practice.

Nicholas’ vision for the Centre reflects a desire for inclusivity, authenticity, integrity, and excellence. His vision is embedded in a strong ethical framework of ensuring retention of the ethos of contemplative practices while simultaneously promoting their empirical study.

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Nicholas presenting