Program Activities

Program activities

Mental health is a multidisciplinary, complex and rapidly growing research domain. Your years as a graduate researcher at the University of Melbourne are the perfect time for you to broaden your skill set, build your network and expand your understanding of this dynamic field. At the moment we have over 70 graduate researchers in our community who come from over a dozen different Centres and Schools within the University and we would love for you to join us!

Our online platform

In order for you to get to know others and learn from the MHPP community's wide variety of disciplines and expertise, we have an online platform with different channels offering a host of opportunities:

  • PhD Progress and Professional Development Channel: Ask any questions you might have about all aspects of your PhD, get peer support and develop your research skills by making the most of professional development opportunities such as online workshops and skills training.
  • MHPP Events Channel: Find information here about the events organised by the Program, including social get-togethers, webinars and workshops.
  • Members and Alumni Channel: Connect with your fellow PhD students across the many different institutes and schools represented in the Program, learn from alumni and build your research network.
  • Items of Interest Channel: Be kept up to date about University of Melbourne events related to mental health and get invited to attend colloquium talks by local and visiting experts across the different academic host units, offering unparalleled access to cutting-edge research in mental health.

And more…

In addition, you can also use the MHPP as a unique opportunity to expand your CV by working on your transferable skills and help run an event or become a Mental Health PhD Program Event Coordinator (not mandatory).