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Research Overview

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Peter Koval, Co-director of Lab

Katie Greenaway, Co-director of Lab

Nerisa Dozo, Lab Manager

Hayley Medland, PhD Student

Amani Nasarudin, Honours 2019

Jardine Louise Mitchell, Honours 2019

Jessica Mortlock, Honours 2019

Sylvia Chu Lin, Honours 2019


Research Outcomes

SEMA (Smartphone Ecological Momentary Assessment) is a suite of software for conducting intensive longitudinal survey research using iOS and Android smartphones. Primarily designed for Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA), also known as the Experience Sampling Method (ESM), SEMA has the flexibility to deliver smartphone surveys at fixed or random intervals ranging from minutes to months, as well as allowing participant-triggered surveys (a.k.a. event-contingent sampling). Visit the SEMA website for more information:

The Psychology of Secrecy.

Katie Greenaway. PsychTalks 2019

Is emotional stability all it's cracked up to be?

Peter Koval. PsychTalks 2018

Research Publications

Koval, P., Holland, E., Zyphur, M., Stratemeyer, M., Makovec-Knight, J., Bailen, N. H., Thompson, R. J., Roberts, T-A., & Haslam, N. (2019). How does it feel to be treated like an object? Direct and indirect effects of exposure to sexual objectification on women’s emotions in daily life. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Advance online publication.

Alvarez-Jimenez, M., Bendall, S., Koval, P., Rice, S., Cagliarini, D., Valentine, L., ... & Gleeson, J. F. (2019). HORYZONS trial: protocol for a randomised controlled trial of a moderated online social therapy to maintain treatment effects from first-episode psychosis services. BMJ Open, 9, e024104.

van Berkel, N., Goncalves, J., Koval, P., Hosio, S., Dingler, T., Ferreira, D., & Kostakos, V. (2019). Context-Informed Scheduling and Analysis: Improving Accuracy of Mobile Self-Reports. Proceedings of the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), 51, 1–12.

Panaite, V., Koval, P., Dejonckheere, E., & Kuppens, P. (2018). Emotion regulation and mood brightening in daily life vary with depressive symptom levels. Cognition and Emotion. Advance online publication.

Erbas, Y., Ceulemans, E., Kalokerinos, E., Houben, M., Koval, P., Pe, M. L., & Kuppens, P. (2018). Why I don't always know what I'm feeling: The role of stress in within-person fluctuations in emotion differentiation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 115, 179-191.

Dejonckheere, E., Mestdagh, M., Houben, M., Erbas, Y., Pe, M., Bastian, B., Koval, P., Brose, A., & Kuppens, P. (2018). The bipolarity of affect and depressive symptoms. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 114, 323-341.

De Leersnyder, J., Koval, P., Kuppens, P., & Mesquita, B. (2018). Emotions and concerns: Situational evidence for their systematic co-occurrence. Emotion, 18, 597-614.

Greenaway, K.H., Haslam, S.A., & †Bingley, W.J. (in press). Are “they” out to get me? A social identity model of paranoia.Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Advance Online Publication.

Greenaway, K.H. & Cruwys, T. (in press). The source model of group threat: Responding to internal and external threats. American Psychologist, Advance Online Publication.

Greenaway, K.H. & Kalokerinos, E.K. (in press). The intersection of goals to experience and express emotion. Emotion Review, Advance Online Publication.

Hornsey, M.J., Greenaway, K.H.,Harris, E.A., & Bain, P.G. (in press). Are there cultural differences in the extent to which people perceive and desire control? Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, Advance Online Publication.

Slepain, M.L. & Greenaway, K.H.(2018). The benefits and burdens of keeping others’ secrets. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 78, 220–232.

Greenaway, K.H., Kalokerinos, E.K., Murphy, S.C., & McIlroy, T. (2018). Winners are grinners: Expressing authentic positive emotion enhances reputation in performance contexts. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 78, 168–180.

Greenaway, K.H.& Aknin, L.B. (2018). Conspicuous identification: Do people signal group identity in times of challenge? Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 48(4), 205–216.

Greenaway, K.H.,Kalokerinos, E.K., & Williams, L.A. (2018). Context is everything (in emotion research). Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 12(6), e12393.

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